2nd Impeachment Vote Jan 2021

Open Letter from the former chair of the Snohomish County Republican Party Billye Brooks-Sebastiani  to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senate leader Chuck Schumer in light of the Congress of the United States Impeaching the President of the United States a second time in four Years.


January 10, 2021

Speaker Pelosi          Senator Schumer


Billye Brooks-Sebastiani

I find that your divisive words and impeachment actions are not only insensitive, but totally destructive to the American people!  Living through the 2020 summer of total anarchy, from including the violence of many terrorist rioters to the actual looters and those burning and destroying our cities, businesses and even police stations, along with the murders – all in the name of which were declared as “peaceful protests” by the media and the Democratic members.  It is extremely obvious that neither of you have a heart for America – clearly on display when Speaker Pelosi, you would not bring forth the Stimulus Bill to help unemployed, hurting and desperate families before the election.  These actions are shameful and represent the root of America’s division:  those who genuinely care about the American People versus those who play self-serving games with the lives of the American People.

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT even think about a second impeachment of President Trump!

There is more to the Wednesday Capitol riot than we know yet we WILL be demanding the full truth.  In the meantime, the Democrats are attempting once again to divert attention from their own collusion and 4 plus years of orchestrated attacks on a duly elected President without any substance except for further exposing the corruption within our once formerly trusted government.

The accomplishments of President Trump speak for themselves and you could have participated, but NO you refused to come to the table.  While seats were gained in the Senate, it is still split and in the House the loss was significant.  Pay attention to doing the right thing for America and ALL of the American People – that is if the cry for UNITY is real.

Billye Brooks-Sebastiani

Arlington, WA  98223


  1. With all the fraud evidence, our republic has been scammed! Our election has been stolen by Communists. BLM is self proclaimed, a MARXIST org., trained MARXISTS. Our country is a democratic Constitutional Republic. We live by the Bill of Rights.
    When electeds worm their way into our government and start changing policy and law without the approval of THE PEOPLE, they break their oath and become totalatarians. At that point their goals become personal and selfcentered.
    How can we trust electeds when they deny our votes to control our taxes and campaign against Peoples Initiatives, I-976 won with 53% of the vote, we won! Stop buying tabs until the overeducated idiot Jay Inslee honors his oath!

  2. It always amazes me how those on the fringes of the right are so good at, and so effortlessly slip into the process of projection. She says impeachment is the thing dividing the country? She also fails miserably in providing any semblance of evidence that the president is correct in not abiding by the election results. I shouldn’t expect too much more from her, and sadly, I don’t. Her insistence that trump ‘s achievements stand on their own is certainly true: he built a half-wall and gave a trillion dollars to the richest among us. Please look up his actual ‘accomplishments ‘ and stop projecting his failures onto others.

  3. While I would have much preferred as an active member of two Parties–Democrats and Libertarians– to avoid this foolish impeachment and to proceed in peace towards the inauguration of “the great unifier”, it is happening and just stoking the police state in the capitol of our Nation and all 50 States. I was also the former State Vice Chair of the Green Party as well as a supportive member of the Tea Party. The post-election charade reinforced my view as to why I am “anything but Republican”. Really, those supporting the conspiracy theory that the fairest election ever was “stolen” have totally lost my respect. I hope your reader base has not overwhelmingly bought in to such BS and I am sure they did not support the storming of the Capitol. Other than on the social side, I agree with many former now-abandoned Republican principles such as a balanced budget. I hope that the demise of the cult-leader will cause extensive soul-searching within the Republican Party nationally and locally. I would like it to return to the Party of my parents and Eisenhauer and Nixon and even the Bushes. I hope that it will divorce itself from a narcissistic former leader who never gave two hoots about anything or anybody about himself. I hope that a true Republican leader does emerge in 2024, but you can scratch Hawley and Cruz off the list. As the least liked Senator on Capitol Hill, Cruz should resign and go to Hollywood where he would make such a convincing devil.


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