Editor’s Note: Local writer and volunteer contributor to water issues and The Fourth Corner has a take on our current pandemic. Thanks Molly Crocker.

Author Molly Crocker

I am blessed with what I believe is a sanctified optimism. I wasn’t able to buy non-perishable foods yesterday when I went shopping, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to do that soon. Grocery stores are having a great March!

What’s good about this quarantine?
1. You’re probably NOT going to get the virus. Many other infectious diseases are going to be slowed or maybe even ended.
2. We will end up much less dependent on China.
3. Manufacturing of everything here in the US is going to increase. Jobs, innovation, and the world coming to us because we build it right.
4. You’ll have time to read a book, play games with your family, and check up on folks you haven’t seen in awhile.
5. You may have time to learn something new. New technology, a new craft skill, a new language. While you’re at it, improve the skills you have now.
6. You’re going to learn how to be resourceful and inventive and stretch your supplies a little farther.
7. Medical videoconferencing is now a thing, a long overdue, much awaited thing!
8. You’re allowed and encouraged to get outside and take a walk. Sunshine and fresh air can cut mortality rates of virus infection in half. Listen and observe. Have your camera handy and please share what you find.
9. People have an opportunity to be nicer to each other.
10. You still have and can practice gratitude. That is something you have in abundance.

•There WILL be some financial distress.
•There will definitely be some changes in how we do some things.
•Look at the smart phone. We embraced that instantly, so I know we can handle change. The smart phone is going to help get us through this. Recognize and embrace the good changes that are coming.


  1. Whatcom county…..LISTEN UP — There has always been a CURE for COVID-19, if you guys woild stop your worrying and do some reading. This is not SPAM, CONSPIRACY THEORY, or a MADD SCIENTIST recipe. What you have been BLIND-SIGHTED WITH is the DRUG COMPANIES and the POLITICIANS playing stupid while letting you die in the INTENSIVE CARE. IVERMECTIN, which has been used on over 2-3 BILLION humans(mainly in Africa, where it is very-much needed), CURES ALL CORONA VIRUSES. A Florida physician, (Dr. Jean-Jacques Rajter, a Broward Health Medical Center physician, his physician wife) have been using it on patients (with phenomenal results) since April !!! For some reason, he had to get the approval of the local medical board or county. After that he was allowed to use it?(why did he need county approval?) It is entitled, … Broward County Doctor Using Ivermectin Off-Label Combo on COVID-19 Patients—It is Working & Secures County Health Protocol Approval, … I am not going to put a link here, you have to search for it (because this message might get flagged as SPAM, or something).
    Well, IVERMECTIN, originally patented by Merck (drug-maker) is the wonder drug that is used in just about every farm animal in the US and elsewhere. It has many of uses. It is not just for animals, oh yeah, we are animals, it has many human uses. It is effective, like no other compound. It is effective at stopping many CORONA-VIRUSES by stopping the VIRUS-duplication step. That is mainly the IDEAL SOLUTION for battling a THIS VIRUS. AND IT DOES IT. The patent for it IVERMECTIN has expired, therefore, Merck can’t make billions off of it. Nor can any other drug manufacturer. These are the COMPANIES who GREATLY DONATE TO POLITICIANS. THESE ARE THE COMPANIES, AND EVERY OTHER BIG DONOR, WHO PUTS THEIR INDUSTRY’S political choices in office. That is our flawed MONEY-ocracy. Merck, still makes IVERMECTIN (called Mectin) for the Entire continent of Africa. Merck also makes IVERMECTIN for the cat and dog heart-worm-treatment, called HeartGuard. Have you seen the packaging for HeartGuard, lately? Yep, it states it treats CORONA VIRUS. WOW!?! Isn’t that something? They’ll tell you that IVERMECTIN, will save your pet from CORONAVIRUS, but what about the pet’s owner? What about the US public? Why hasn’t Merck made a public statement to the US or elsewhere, that it’s formally-patented medication, IVERMECTIN, probably CURES humans, also. Have they? I heard that they might have INVESTED into the development of two different vaccines to battle CORONAVIRUS, with a different company. In the article I found online, entitled, ‘Merck leaps into Covid-19 vaccine race, aiming to test two different candidates this year’, Merck is buying a Themis, a Vienna-based company that is developing a COVID-19 vaccine based on the measels virus.
    Later in the article is a quote,’ “We are committed to making a contribution to the eradication of Covid-19,” Roger Perlmutter, who heads Merck Research Laboratories, …’
    This is where I stopped writing this post over a month ago…. I was stuck for a second because I couldn’t remember if it was heartguard that had changed their labeling to include coronavirus, or a similar brand, in the pet anti-flea or wormer section of my local farm supply store. I couldn’t find a new picture of altered packaging label which included the coronavirus being included in the treated conditions online, but I definitely saw it in the store. ……….
    I’ll write more about it later.

  2. Great article and all so true. Thanks so much for sharing.:) I’m a yoga/meditation teacher and my in-person classes are of course temporarily cancelled – so I am now offering them online and believe that it will bring a feeling of unity, helping those who are perhaps finding themselves disconnected from ‘the world’ and helping us all make the most of this time in a sense of Oneness.
    Many blessings.


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