District 3 is the Dark Green on the East(Right)

Six Candidates Vie for 2 Whatcom County Council Seats

40 % of the County’s registered voters will be receiving a ballot for Whatcom County Council District’s 2 & 3. There are no incumbents for these 4 year terms in  these races. This will be the first election after the 2015 vote for District Only voting and Re-districting process.

What do County Council people do?:

The County Council shall exercise its legislative power by adoption and enactment of ordinances or resolutions. It shall have the power:

(a) To levy taxes, appropriate revenue and adopt budgets for the County.

(b) To establish the compensation to be paid to all County officers and employees and to provide for the reimbursement of expenses, except as provided in Section 6.100.

(c) Except as otherwise provided for herein, to establish, abolish, combine and divide by ordinance, non-elective administrative offices and executive departments and to establish their powers and responsibilities.

(d) To adopt by ordinance comprehensive plans, including improvement plans for the present and future development of the county.

 Click Here to find the “Home Rule” Charter for Whatcom County as revised after the 2015 Election for Legislative powers.

Below is a Map of District 2: Approximately 27,200 Ballots will be mailed to Registered Voters. (Whatcom County has 138,000 Registered Voters)

District 2 is the northern half of the City of Bellingham with the addition of a precinct that goes out Marine Drive. The southern portion is a scattered border as shown below.(If in Doubt; Check your Auditor issued Voting Card to find out your County Council district.)

Whatcom County Council District 2 click here for Voter Pamphlet Statement of all District Two Candidates. Click on Plus next to County Council District 2.

Whatcom County Council District 2 is an open seat:

 Primary Election Candidates are:

Daniel Collick


Daniel Collick:  Home Page   Phone:(360) 739-9934  E-Mail: neighborsfordaniel@gmail.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/neighborsfordaniel/

Amy Glasser


Amy Glasser:  Home Page  Phone:(360) 820-0633 E-Mail:amyglassercountycouncil@gmail.com Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/AmyGlasserCountyCouncil



Todd Donovan

Todd Donovan: Home Page  Phone: (360) 483-8474 E-Mail:donovan4whatcom@gmail.com  Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/donovanforwhatcom/




County Council District 3 … the darker green on the map below… runs north on Meridian to the Wiser Lake Road then east excluding Nooksack, Everson, and Sumas CITIES. Approximately 28400 Ballots will be mailed to Registered Voters in this District Race. (If in Doubt; Check your Auditor issued Voting Card to find out your Port district.)

Whatcom County Council District 3 click here for Voter Pamphlet Statement of all District Three Candidates

Whatcom County Council District 3 is an open seat:

Primary Election Candidates are:

Cliff Langley

Cliff Langley:  Home Page  Phone:(360) 739-6040 E-Mail: voteclifflangley@gmail.com   Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/CliffLangleyDistrict3/

Tyler Byrd


Tyler Byrd:  Home Page  Phone: (360) 527-6345 E-Mail:Tyler@VoteTylerByrd.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/VoteTylerByrd/



Rebecca Boonstra

Rebecca Boonstra:  Home Page  Phone: (360) 305-5351 E-Mail:rebeccaboonstra4whatcom@gmail.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Rebecca-Boonstra-for-Whatcom-County-Council-620597114796754/


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