“The Governor has had over a week to consider the safety recommendations made unanimously by the advisory group he assembled.”

The letter from local and state builders associations stated and they  were hopeful that the Governor would allow work to continue on residential and commercial construction.

Jay Inslee.

Their hopes were dashed when the Governor stated at the April 22nd News Conference that he had not made that decision yet and needed more time and information but was in hope of a resolution as far as building was concerned soon. This comment by the Governor was preceded by a comment on how incredulous he was about the tone and the letter from the association.

Ferndale Residential Housing Stopped!!

Inslee is only one of two Governors in this emergency to stop the construction. And does not seem to respond to any calls for an explanation of the differences from Washington and other states to explain the ban.  And immediately claims it is not political. (ref April 22nd News Conference)

Here is the BIAW’s letter.




  1. For GOV Inslee to slap home builders in the face, when they have families to feed, mortgage payments, Car loans, health insurance, etc. shows he is disconnected from reality. Then there is Alcoa Ferndale plant closing. Who does he think can pay taxes in this state?
    His running for POTUS while Governor clearly shows his focus is on himself. As a Democrat Union man
    he lost my vote as he does not represent working people.


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