Up to 100,000 to be out of work and

the COVID dashboard at State Level seems broken today…

Breaking from Whatcom County Health Dept today Nov 23rd 2020

Up to 100,000 to be out of work and…

  • The Health Department agreed that although cases are up the death rate is flat…
  • There is no scientifically presented need for relocking down businesses … Lockdown is only for preventing the medical system from being overwhelmed.
  • Health Department not near taking other health, community, school issues into consideration.
  • Local hospital has a lot of capacity… especially at the ER.
  • See the whole press conference here…
Thanks to local source Liberty Road for the Information today…

An analysis presented on County Councilman’s Face book Page Presented Here:

Ben Elenbaas 5th District Councilman
Data downloaded from the Washington State COVID-19 dashboard.

Analysis of the monthly averages for testing, new cases, hospitalizations, and deaths, grouped by stage of the pandemic.

Statewide testing was up 60% in October over the previous 5 months, while cases were up 35%, hospitalizations were up 18%, and deaths were down 8%.

Hospitalizations in October are down 23% from the first 2 months of the pandemic, and deaths are down 42%.

In Whatcom County, testing was up 83% in October over the previous 5 months, while cases were up 35%, hospitalizations were down 22%, and deaths were up 50%.

Hospitalizations in October are down 68% from the first 2 months of the pandemic, and deaths are down 71%.

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  1. The PCR test for covid is effected by taking a nasal swab of DNA which is then subjected to cycling. An active virus will show up within a very few search cycles. If its presence is harder to detect, more search cycles must be used. If pushed to 23 cycles, an odd particle of old virus may show up. A desperation search for even the tiniest proof of viral dust will be pushed up as high as 40 cycles, at which point it is probably safe to conclude there is nothing to see. This may explain the high rate of false positive results. We know that the more tests that are done, the greater the number of cases. These numbers, most likely inflated, serve political purposes rather than accurate health assessments.

  2. Why aren’t these lawmakers, etc., showing the proof of their claim of rising COVID-19 cases? I’ll tell you why. It’s because it’s a big, fat, lie!

    Dr. Eric Nepute in St Louis rants after learning of a 4 year-old who nearly died from a bacterial respiratory infection due to mask use. This must stop now.

    Expert Explains Face Masks Are “Serious Risk” To Healthy, Make COVID More Deadly

    Judge Napolitano: Governments ‘Do Not Have The Authority’ To Mandate Mask-Wearing


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