Whatcom County Health Department

In an email to subscribers the Whatcom County Health Department put out the following information Friday Afternoon Late.  It warns the public that there has been an outbreak of COVID at the Homeless camp around City Hall and finishes by hoping the residents at the camp will self-quarantine on the Bellingham Library Lawn…

The Fourth Corner Comment…

Breaking News: COVID Outbreak at Homeless Camp at City Hall… Library Lawn to be used as Quarantine area..(If they choose to).

So let me get this straight Restaurants are closed to business but the COVID outbreak at the City Hall Encampment will not cause anything to close down, in fact, if you have been associated with those affected by positive results you should use the Library lawn… endangering more people in public spaces in the City/County complex of the government in Whatcom County.  Its Bizarro World.

Will city and county government have to close down to protect themselves from those wandering the area from the homeless camp?

Here is the email for the Mayor of Bellingham’s Office

Tell Seth Fleetwood what you think… mayorsoffice@cob.org

Other contact info Here…



  1. Locking down didn’t stop anything except killing the economy for everyone. Closing schools didn’t stop anything except delay or completely destroy children’s education, and suck us all into unrelenting depression. In reality a very few of the deaths occurred only from the virus, about as many as in a normal year from the seasonal flu we experience yearly. We are being conned into destroying our lives and livelyhoods for flimsy and erroneous by our government, and all for political reasons. Shame on them all!

  2. As I have said before my husband and I left the physically beautiful beautiful state of WA before the Chinese communists let the Wuhan virus out on the world. I am staying with the 4th Corner as I find out what is happening where I used to live. If our governor and our mayor were as sick and horrid as those on the west coast we would not be able to stay where we moved to. They are ruling by common sense and not in love with the “useful idiots” god POWER. I am so happy that we are no longer in CA, WA, or OR and can breathe and shop as we want to. If you all could step into our shoes and watch from afar I believe we could get all the “POLITICAL MONSTERS” out and get our country back into the Republic it used to be. I have always been a dreamer and have worked overseas in places most people have not seen or even visited. But my dreams of these idiots even wanting to represent the hard working people of this country and not be self serving have been shattered by the recent cheating by the “progressive liberals” in the election. Thank you, Carol

  3. Thanks to the bs of the mayors office. Understood the mayor told the camp organizers to fix the problem. what lunacy – apparently mayors and governors can only side step any issue.


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