Cops busy in City Hall area on January 22nd, 2021

Police Activity Log— Enter Date of Jan 22nd

Activity on the 22nd in Bellingham Version of the CHAZ…

  1. Suspicious circumstance.

Reported: Jan 22 2021 10:49PM
Location: 200 BLK LOTTIE ST
Offense: ASSAULT – Felony
Case #: 21B03839

Multiple people were attacked near an encampment at City Hall. Victims were rushed to the ER and one victim sustained major bodily injuries. A suspected hatchet was involved in the assaults and a handgun was brandished.


2. Reported: Jan 22 2021 5:38PM
Location: 400 BLK GIRARD ST
Case #: 21B03800

Officer took an extra patrol request.


3. Reported: Jan 22 2021 3:59PM
Location: 200 BLK LOTTIE ST
Case #: 21B03772

Officer took a report of a citizen being threatened with a large piece of wood by a protester at (R1).


4. Reported: Jan 22 2021 3:28PM
Location: 200 BLK LOTTIE ST
Case #: 21B03763

Officers responded to a graffiti report.


5. Reported: Jan 22 2021 1:52PM
Location: 200 BLK CENTRAL AVE
Case #: 21B03744

Officers responded to a traffic problem report.


6. Reported: Jan 22 2021 1:46PM
Location: 200 BLK LOTTIE ST
Case #: 21B03742

Officer responded to a report of two citizens who were accosted by protester at (R1).


7. Reported: Jan 22 2021 1:42PM
Location: 200 BLK E MAGNOLIA ST
Case #: 21B03327

Officers issued a trespass warning in the 200 block of E Magnolia St.


8. Reported: Jan 22 2021 11:38AM
Location: 200 BLK LOTTIE ST
Offense: THEFT
Case #: 21B03717

Officers responded to a theft report.


9. Reported: Jan 22 2021 10:05AM
Location: 300 BLK GRAND AVE
Case #: 21B03700

Officers responded to a suspicious circumstance report.


10. Reported: Jan 22 2021 10:03AM
Location: 200 BLK LOTTIE ST
Case #: 21B03698

Officers responded to a report of an assault. The involved parties did not want to report the incident at the time of the call.


11. Reported: Jan 22 2021 9:43AM
Location: 300 BLK GRAND AVE
Offense: FIGHT
Case #: 21B03696

Officers responded to a report of a fight.


12. Reported: Jan 22 2021 9:05AM
Location: 200 BLK CENTRAL AVE
Offense: ROBBERY
Case #: 21B03709

A journalist reported being assaulted at Camp 210.