E-Mail shows lack of education on local issues by the Democratic Socialist Demonstrators that wish to Defund Police.

Rud Browne

In an email request to the members of the Whatcom Democratic Socialist of America Whatcom County Councilman Rud Browne claims that if the (DSA) goes to the Mayor’s home:   the Councilman suggests that  parents will not encourage their young kids who may have been considering running for office in the future” to do so. .

The Councilman goes on to list currently funded programs that are “alternative ways to respond to situations that don’t involve police.”  And goes on to say “the City of Bellingham, Courts and our taxpayers have already chosen to direct funding (ed: these programs) over many years.

Here is a list of current items being funded by taxpayers as an alternative to policing.

We are hopeful at the Fourth Corner that the Democratic Socialist of America take notice of these programs right here in the Fourth Corner.


  • LEAD (Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion)
  • GRACE (Ground-Level Response And Coordinated Engagement)
  • Gang Prevention Programs
  • Community Paramedic
  • Homeless Outreach Team
  • Youth Street Outreach Team
  • Neighborhood Policing/Sheriff
  • Opiate addiction Outreach & Engagement
  • School-based programs (mental health and drug prevention etc.)
  • Crisis Triage Facility
  • Crisis Prevention & Intervention Team (CPIT)
  • CIT Training for Law Enforcement
  • Intensive Case Management

Specialty (issue specific) Courts

  • Teen Court
  • Drug Court
  • Family Treatment Court
  • Mental Health Court

Re-entry Services 

  • Jail Re-entry program
  • Medications and community-based treatment following release
  • Interim Housing
  • Case Management

Recovery Support Services 

  • New 32 bed Mental Health facility (under construction)
  • Specialized Behavioral Health Unit in Probation
  • Juvenile Court Behavioral Health Services
  • Housing Support Services
  • 24/7 Staffed/Structured Supporting Housing Programs
  • Semi-independent Housing Programs
  • PACT (Program for Assertive Community Treatment)

See the full e-mail here:  Councilman suggest there already are alternatives.

Here is a Facebook Response to the letters by public officials to the DSA to not to demonstrate at the Mayor’s home:

“Marching on the Mayor’s house is not a new tactic. By marching on Seth Fleetwood we are joining communities organizing for Black Lives and to Defund the Police in dozens of cities across the country: from Eugene, Oregon, to Lafayette, Louisiana. We are continuing a proud working-class tradition of marching on the boss and careerist politicians.
Until City officials demonstrate that they’re more committed to community well-being than to re-winning Police Guild endorsements for their next election, we have no choice but to keep repeating our demands ever louder.”

Here is their post on their facebook page.



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