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Resolution to send letter to Inslee passes 6-0 without Todd Donovan.

Virtual County Council Meeting May 19th 2020

The whole meeting video is here

There is an easy scroll tool which allows a user to move forward and back with ease so a person does not have to listen to nearly 5 hours to get to the meat of the discussion.

The debate and discussion on the resolution and letter begin at about 4:10:00 in. And Todd Donovan decides to not participate in his office at 4:39:00 in.

Saying “I don’t want anything to do with this letter”; Councilman Todd

Todd Donovan

Donovan began a speech against the resolution that would allow the Council and leaders of the County to have a say on opening up the County to normalcy.  He went on “Its not what we were talking about two weeks ago… Its more than just the content of the letter its the content of the discussion.”

He continued stating that the discussion was “talking about conspiracy theories; about the Governor funneling money somewhere and talk about the Governor not wanting to open up until the Green New Deal has passed.  These are just idle comments.” He stated.

And finally: ” There is no reason to take this seriously after that sort of discussion so I would call the question but I think I will leave it with yall.”

With that he turned off his video and left the virtual meeting.

Ben Elenbaas 5th District Councilman

Here is the letter introduced by Councilman Ben Elenbaas that seems to have caused one Councilman Donovan to abandon the process of governing… it was  passed 6-0 by the Whatcom County Council. It asked the Governor for more flexibility for common sense reopening and explains reasons why. You decide whether this was simply grandstanding by a Council Person or a real problem.




Since the lockdown of the state by Governor Inslee; two things have occurred concerning the operations of the County Council…

1.) They have gone to virtual meetings on a computer tool for such purposes transmitting from their homes and taking part without normal public input.


2.) A minority of the Council have been trying to get control back from the state to the extent of what a County Council, as chief governing body of the county is supposed to do.

Further Backgound:

Since the COVID crisis began it has often been difficult to tell who is running Whatcom County from a governing standpoint.

As in most Counties in the State the Governor’s office took over rule/law making… and in Whatcom County’s case the majority of county government elected officials have allowed this to continue without question well beyond the peak of cases in Whatcom County.

In addition at times the Health Department’s Ericka Launtenbach seems to have been in charge not allowing the Council to have some information because they “were not on the org chart”(story here).

Unified Command Meeting

And sometimes it seems to have been the “unified” command who really hasn’t seemed accountable to anyone.  Here is a page of their organization (you will note that the County Council or any Council for that matter is not a direct member).



  1. Maybe Donovan left so the council could not witness as he threw himself on the floor kicking and screaming.
    Thank you County Counsel for having our backs.

  2. If Donovan walks out on this letter he surely has distracted those voters who put him in office. He certainly is not willing to take any risk in governing our county. A very well written letter and as stated probably not strong enough based on the now economic impact on our county.

  3. Not sure why Todd Donovan chose to leave the meeting. If he felt that strongly about the letter, he’d have stayed and voted “no.”

  4. I appears the ‘unified command’ is breaking Inslee’s 10 person rule! They go by “you obey the rules, we have important things to do”.

  5. Todd Donovan should step down . I could not see anything in the letter that would make councilman Donovan participate in the meeting.

  6. Well said Gail. You used every word I would have thought of. I also feel all dems who are in office need to re-think their oath of office. You work for us, not the other way around. I think every business should just open up, let the citizens (not our elected officers) decide if they want to shop there. Thank you Gail.

  7. That letter is too damn mild! Should have been much stronger language used, because we, the people, are SO DONE with the damn lockdown order and want our small businesses to reopen NOW! I’ve had it with wrongwayjay, the taxman’s games because there is NO reason to keep ANY county locked down other than King, Kng should stay locked down because its the only county with huge problems with the Wuhan virus (Not to mention King county voters deserve it f or inflicting WWJ, the taxman on the rest of the State! Obviously, it is also time to recall Todd Donovan, he’s got to be removed and replaced with a conservative or libertarian! Most of the upper echelons of the State government WWJ, Sideshow Bob Ferguson, Cyrus Habib, and every damn dem in the legislature should all be arrested for violating the oath of office (a federal felony crime and also a WA State crime) and WWJ and Sideshow also need to be charged with “deprivation of rights under color of law” but every Sheriff in the State seems afraid to arrest them. Wonder why that is?

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