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Whatcom County Executive Satpal Singh Sidhu

County Executive Satpal Singh Sidhu and the Fourth Corner sat down at the first of the New Year to talk about his thoughts on taking the reins of Whatcom County Government. We have very much appreciated the opportunity and hope you, the reader, get some value and knowledge out of the article– Editor.

Part 1-

How liberal is he? Or is he?  How will he handle the segments of the county that did not vote for him? On out reach and the environment, taxes, public safety, and homelessness where does he stand?

Part 1: His thoughts on Community and on Cherry Point and the Environment.

On the environment and Cherry Point and moratoriums:  

As a County Councilman (he was appointed to represent the 4thDistrict: Lynden and Farm Community after the 2015 change in the structure of Whatcom County government voted by the people) he voted for each extension of the

Cherry Point permit Moratorium and the  moratorium has now lasted 4 years. There was a charge by Cherry Point Industries that they were never invited to participate in any conversations with the council concerning these needs at Cherry Point.

He has served and voted as a climate change adherent and believes that we need to cut fossil fuel usage as well as replace fossil fuels with alternate energy sources.

We asked Executive Sidhu: Based on the fact that China and India put out a lot more CO2 than we do; it seems anything we do here will have very little impact on the CO2 levels in the world Comment? 

Exec. Sidhu: “I believe it’s a false narrative when we are lying to ourselves when we say India and China have more CO2 and people ask: What difference are we going to make here?”   He also said we should feel obligated to do more: “The US holds 5% of the world’s population and we use 25% of the world’s resources; we are in a position to do better; but if we also take that argument (“what difference are we going to make”) then no one will be responsible.”

Question: In connection with Climate Change and The Cherry Point Moratorium way of operating government…  Recently BP comments challenged the way the Council has been doing business as unconstitutional and P66 has, in fact, stopped a promising BioDiesel projectHow are you managing that? Read the rest here.


  1. It’s good that the fourth corner reaches out to him , it’s sad that he is fully committed to the nonsense of climate and socialism. He is affable but unbending in his full commitment to deconstruct industry while not acknowledging the enviro worship as the cause of housing shortage, lack of reason for companies to even entertain siting new operations here.
    I fail to understand why what I’m county isn’t being sued for not following the mandates of the GMA, one would like to think that suing is an easy course but with 30 year track record of losing to the enviro worship courts we can’t blame folks for not wanting to go down that road. After 30 years and the 13or14 goals of the GMA in taters ( except for the blind worship of dirt and mud) the whole thing requires blindness to see any positives.

  2. 25% of the energy and we do a great job while feeding and supply the rest of the world.
    It is Satpal who provides the false narrative by assuming that we are all committed to deindustrializing the United States.


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