Is the problem solved after the removal of unlawful campers from City Hall and Library Grounds?

As the City Hall Campers were moved out a new field was set up just below the homes at Geri Fields at the Bellingham Civic Field Complex on Fraser St.  This location is across the street from several businesses in Haskell Business Park.  The Bellingham Police Press Information Officer Claudia Murphy states that these also are unlawful camping.

Has the problem been solved or do we start over at a new location?  Please see our story here with the facts AND responses from local businesses very concerned how the move is already affecting their businesses and their concerns for the safety of their customers and themselves…

The Fourth Corner has been covering this story almost from the inception of the movement of campers onto the lawn of Bellingham City Hall and Bellingham City Library.  Following is a list of those stories and the links on The Fourth Corner Coverage.

We hope this informs the public and allows some recent historical contexts to the current focus on homelessness in Bellingham and beyond. Our photos below show activity at the site on Thursday January 28th

Thursday January 28th in the AM the police and city crews were ready and waiting for campers to move.

Library encampment
Library Lawn before Cleanup
Library Lawn after encampment moved out







Still showing the signs of politics over policy as police protect workers at Bellingham City Hall
This guy got out of his car parked in the 200 block of Prospect put on his gear opened his car’s back car door got his shield and sign and headed to the 210 homeless sight. (after locking his car)

  It was November 23rd when our first story appeared

1. Homeless Problem unsolved; Courthouse employees cautioned, police patrols increased. Published Nov 23rd 2020. Events of 11/20/20

Message to all County Employees Assigned to work areas near the courthouse

All staff please note the message below from Sheriff Elfo:

“The Sheriff’s Office recently confirmed that county employees traveling to and from their workplaces at and near the courthouse as well as commonly used parking areas have been accosted over the past week by people presumed to be associated with the homeless camp at Bellingham City Hall.  Incidents included threats to kill, chasing employees, blocking employees from existing vehicles verbal abuse and other threatening behaviors. Read more Here.

2. BREAKING: Outbreak of COVID at Bellingham City Hall Homeless Camp… Published Dec 4th 2020. Events of Dec 4th 2020.


In an email to subscribers the Whatcom County Health Department put out the following:

Whatcom County Health Department

“information Friday Afternoon Late.  It warns the public that there has been an outbreak of COVID at the Homeless camp around City Hall and finishes by hoping the residents at the camp will self-quarantine on the Bellingham Library Lawn”… Read More Here.



3. BREAKING: Sheriff Deputy Makes Arrest outside Whatcom County Courthouse… Gets Help From Security Officer.. Published Dec 4th, 2020

Fourth Corner NOTE:

Sheriff Elfo and Ryan

We watched the last County Council Meeting on Zoom on the last Tuesday Council Meeting.  The Council Voted to Fund 3 Deputies that they had planned to defund earlier in the budget process but failed to fund at least 5 positions that were included in the prior year’s budget for managing the jail.  The Council did agree that the County Executive should prioritize these positions for funding if funds become available during the fiscal year.  READ MORE HERE.

4. Seattle Style antifa Protest moves to homeless camps in Bellingham Jan. 23rd, 2020

On Friday Jan 22nd the Homeless Camps were to be moved at least 25 feet from the City

Hall.  They refused and a form of Bellingham “Protest” occurred.  Reports from the scene:  “BLM/Antifa broke into a locked city hall in Bellingham today. Mayor had to be escorted out for safety. They also tore down the American flag outside. Stole a KGMI journalist’s mic and threw a hot drink on him. They’re supposed to be here advocating for the homeless.” Read the rest here.

“Masked Marauders come to Bellingham to “protest” homelessness threaten downtown government centers.”

Links to local and National News sources covering the violence are included.

5. Bham City Hall Closes to Public Hatchet attack injures passerby at 210 Bham Metro News calls for Mayor to resign Published Jan 26th, 2020 

Links in this story with additional information from Jan 22nd attacks and more

The following headlines:

++ City closes City Hall and Library to all business!!++

“January 25-30,2021:  City Hall and Library Closed for the week

From the City of Bellingham Web Site

++City, County addressing tent encampment and emergency winter shelter needs

++Hatchet attack in Downtown Bellingham

No arrests yet in an attack on a driver in a passing car Friday night as the area gets even  more dangerous. He ended up in the hospital with a “serious” injury to the neck. Bellingham Herald Report Here…

++Bellingham Metro News calls for the resignation of Mayor Fleetwood:

++Executive Satpal Sidhu Issues Statement on more leftist violence in Bellingham:


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