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Absentee Ballots are Out:

Absentee ballots are out and will be due back in the Auditor’s election office by 8:00PM on election night August 4th.. Ballot Box locations for Whatcom County here.

Important Election “EVERY VOTE COUNTS”

THE 2018 ELECTION: Just 2 Years ago (local sources tell us) about 14,000 conservative voters in North County did not vote their ballot.  The result was that all three conservative candidates lost in the Primary.  The General Election in 2018 was one prime example of the old adage where “Every Vote Counts”. The results in November:

Sen. Doug Ericksen over Pinky Vargas by 45 votes and Rep. Luanne VanWerven won over Justin Boneau by 81 votes.

Around the rest of the state Conservatives stayed home and the resulting highly partisan State Legislature passed 18 Billion in new Taxes; even though tax collections were increasing without the additional taxes; as well as an unprecedented Sex Ed curriculum at the State Level for Kindergartners thru 12th grade.

For all Voters; this is not a time to stay at home.  With COVID and Riots it is time for your voice to be heard… at the ballot box.

And if that doesn’t get you to vote remember this article:

In addition one local Democrat that serves as communications director of Ferndale: Riley Sweeney, wanted “the disintegration of the WA republicans” See the article here.  Either way please vote.


Can Jay Inslee receive less than 50% of the Governor Primary Vote?

Is it possible for an Incumbent Governor to get less than 50% of the vote in a voting Blue state like Washington?  Maybe.

Remember that Jay Inslee’s Presidential aspirations garnered less than a percentage point in popular approval. And he spent millions getting that; including some state dollars.

His separation of essential and non-essential in the early days of the shutdown for COVID did not help with many of his voters.

His personal backing of the Seattle Mayor during the CHAZ crisis did not help him with many of his voters either.


There are 35 other names in the Gubernatorial race that think he can be beaten.  Some of these present solid  challenges to the Governor in the fall and have a chance to win; even with the splits between the anti-Trump “Mainstream” Republicans and the rest of the party.

Our take is that there are 4 major Republican candidates with a chance to win in November and the Primary and maybe 2 Republicans that would have an outside chance.

You can check out the Fourth Corner sponsored debate here.

From left to right Loren Culp, Joshua Freed, Phil Fortunato, Tim Eyman.

4 candidate vie for Governor
Click on the image to go to our debate article

Their order on the ballot is:

Phil FortunatoTim Eyman Joshua FreedLoren Culp.

Those with an outside chance might be:

Anton SakharovRaul Garcia

The Web site We the Governed  has a great article describing the pros and cons of each candidate and the outcome in each candidates case.  They also; like The Fourth Corner; urge you to vote. And don’t delay

Recommendations Fourth Corner Opinions:

Those with ballots in the 42nd Leg District and Congressional District 1.

The Fourth Corner has collaborated with a long time Republican Activist to come up with these recommendations.

Gerritt Kuiken: A 30 Yr USAF Retired CMSGT-E-9/Conservative/Christian/aged 85

For Questions: 360-354-1677/or 360-296-2676 or at cmsgtgk@comcast.net

Gerrit Kuiken is a long time Precinct Committee Officer for the Whatcom County GOP and has held several offices in the local GOP as well as run for County Council in the past.

He has been committed to getting the word out at all elections because he is aware that each vote counts.

Whatcom County

Federal Partisan Offices:

  • S. Rep Con Dist.#1: – Jeffrey Beeler (R)
  • S. Rep Con Dist. #2:- Karl Ilonummi (R)

State Partisan Offices:

  • Governor: Tim Eyman (R)
  • Lieutenant Governor: Mary McClendon (R)
  • Secretary of State: Kim Wyman (R)
  • State Treasurer: Duane A Davidson (R)
  • State Auditor: Chris Leyba (R)
  • Atty Gen: Matt Larkin (R)
  • Com of Pub Lds: Sue Kuehl Pederson (R)
  • Supt of Public Inst: Maia Espinoza
  • Insurance Comm: Anthony Welti (L)
  • State Sen Leg Dis 40: Charles Carrell®
  • State Rep Dist. Pos 1 – L.D. 40: (South Whatcom Co.) Leave blank
  • State Rep Leg Dis 40 P2 Russ Dzialo (R)
  • Rep Luanne VanWerven
    Jennifer Sefzik

    State Rep.LD42 Position 1 -Luanne Van Werven (R)

  • State Rep. LD42 Position 2: Jennifer Sefzik (R)


 Whatcom County Superior Court:

  • Judge Position 2: Evan Jones
  • Judge Position 4: Jim Nelson

Fire Pro Dis 18 – Vote: Yes

Skagit County Washington


Skagit County Ballot Drop Boxes.


LD 10 State Senator: Ron Muzzall

LD 10 State House: Bill Bruch

LD 10 State House: Greg Gilday

LD 39 State Senator: Keith Wagoner

LD 39 State House: Carolyn Eslick

LD 39 State House: Robert Sutherland

LD 40 State House: Russ Dzialo


Skagit County Commissioner: Ron Wesen


Washington State Supreme Court (Pos 3): Dave Larson

Skagit County Superior Court (Pos 3): Tom Seguine

Snohomish County


Drop Box locations Snohomish County

LD District

 District 1

State Senate: Art Coday

State Representative Pos 1. Adam Bartholomew

State Representative Pos 2. Jeb Brewer

District 10

State Senator: Ron Muzzall

State Representative Pos 1. Greg Gilday

State Representative Pos 2. Bill Bruch

District 21

State Representative Pos 1. Brian Thompson

State Representative Pos 2. Amy Schaper

District 38

State Senator: Bernard Moody

District 39

State Senator: Keith Wagoner

State Representative Pos 1. Robert Sutherland

State Representative Pos 2. Bert Johnson and

State Representative Pos 2. Carolyn Eslick 

District 44

State Representative Pos.1 John Kartak

State Represenative Pos 2 Mark James


County Council

District 4

Brenda Carrington


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