When every attempt is being made to bring the community together on the impending layoffs at ALCOA Intalco Works it comes to light that one of the City Council People in Ferndale used her title and city e-mail address to “report” that a rally on April 23rd in Pioneer Park was not “compliant” with the Governor’s dictates. Pictured below the reporting person is in the Contact Email the Contact Name and Phone. Doug Ericksen is the one this person wants arrested.

The Story:

Ali Hawkinson Council Person Ferndale

She in fact; instead of talking to fellow members of the community; thinks State Senator Doug Ericksen should be arrested. These records came to light after a public records request from the website and the article here is the 2nd in the series about the people who have been enlisted to save the populace from COVID and were recruited by Governor Inslee as part of his “lockdown” policies.  The list is here and others are available on his web site here.

This story comes after the City Communications director Riley Sweeney made remarks on the internet castigating Rep. Luanne VanWerven as a “pro-plague” instigator in a Lynden demonstration to open businesses. The article by the Fourth Corner is here.

Which in turn follows a story of the Mayor of the City of Ferndale calling the rally to save ALCOA Intalco works a “political” rally. That article is here.

Are Ferndale leaders Working hard  to move tax base and manufacturing jobs away from schools and the Ferndale community to China where much of the world’s aluminum is made? You Decide.

UPDATE: Council Woman Responds on Social Media:

4th CORNER Comment

It won’t surprise this observer a bit if these same people will be asking their local legislators for financial aid from the state to get thru COVID AND massive layoffs.


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  2. It becomes even more apparent why we had to leave the beautiful State of Washington. We are in a state where reason is happening with this opening up of businesses etc. I could no longer take the “political atmosphere” in WA. And now an idiot who “snitches on others”? My husband grew up under two regimes in Berlin Germany (Hitler and Stalin. We now live in a nation where the “liberal progressives” have gone mad. I feel so sorry for the people who live on the west coast and that includes my family in CA. This has to stop and I will do all in my power to stop all those people by writing and calling and supporting those who are fighting to end this craziness. Carol Ann


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