Alcoa Intalco Works announces closure:

Here is the press release announcing the closing of Intalco Alcoa in Ferndale  in July 2020 and putting 700 people out of work.

They cite uncompetitive world pricing of the product for the closing and mention they will donate the promised $200,000.00 to local charities.

Most economist are assuming that the country and the world will fall into recession and that does depress demand and lowers the price of many “commodities”; aluminum being one.

State Senator Vows to leave ‘no stone unturned’ in effort to save Ferndale Alcoa plant.

Here is his statement:



360-786-7682 | 800-562-6000 | P.O. Box 40442 Olympia, WA 98504-0442

April 22, 2020                                                                            (206) 953-3874


Sen Doug Ericksen 42nd District Republican

Ericksen to leave ‘no stone unturned’ in effort to save Ferndale Alcoa plant

OLYMPIA – State Sen. Doug Ericksen issued the following statement following announcement of curtailment at Alcoa’s Intalco Works aluminum smelter near Ferndale. Alcoa announced Wednesday that operations would be fully curtailed and 700 workers would be laid off. Alcoa’s Ferndale plant is the last remaining aluminum plant west of the Mississippi.

“The Intalco Works is critical to our national manufacturing infrastructure, to our local economy and to the working families of Whatcom County. We can’t let this curtailment become permanent. I will leave no stone unturned as I work with Alcoa corporate, local management at the Intalco Works and state and federal government officials to find a path to restart.

“This is a matter of national significance, as we look to protect industries that are critical to our country’s industrial base and our national security. It is one of many challenges we will face as we rebuild our economy in the wake of the coronavirus shutdown, and it is a top priority for Whatcom County and northwest Washington. Keeping this facility in operation will require cooperation from everyone. Our battle is just beginning.”


  1. Another success by our insubordinate governor. With a little more effort on your part, we should be able to completely shut down all of Washington in time for the election. Inslee is doing his part in the complete subjugation to his globalist masters. Thank you King County

  2. It’s like any manufacturing business. If you don’t upgrade your businesses infrastructure you’ll be left behind. The age of a Intalco is the age of most of the major equipment. Sooner or later it’ll catch up. It’s not about getting Italco to not close it’s about replacing equipment. That would be in the millions of dollars. This is a heavy power consumer. Safety, finding parts, skilled tradespeople for this old equipment. All part of the equation. Parts are almost impossible to find and the knowledge of this equipment has left.

  3. Maybe Erickson could talk our president into actually starting some infrastructure projects as he has been promising since elected. More aluminum would be needed, prices would rise, Intalco stays open. Or would he just bail them out to show his followers how he ‘owns the libs’?


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