The 10th Legislative District in The Fourth Corner also had very close races.

The 10th District Includes All of Island County the southern portion of Skagit and the north west Corner of Snohomish County

With an estimated 8,000 votes left to count in all three 10th District Counties; fully 6 days after the election; the following vote information may reverse or stay the same.  In a rare Saturday vote count in Snohomish County the results showed increases for the Republican candidates in two races for the state legislature.

Estimated Ballots left to Count by County and district as of 8/10/20- Skagit- 1,800; Snohomish- 1,000; Island- 5,000

Turnout (There are votes left to count…and these are unofficial Registered voters Figures because of Same Day Registration)

10th District Skagit  Registered Voters: 23,298  Voted in the Race: 9,171 39.36%

10th District Island Registered Voters: 58,576    Voted in the Race: 29,483 50.33%

10th District Snohomish Registered Voters: 22,098  Voted in the Race 12,319 55.57%

10th District Representative Position 2 Primary Results

Bill Bruch Candidate for 10th District Legislature
Rep. David Paul Democrat

Bill Bruch is the Republican Candidate taking on incumbent Dem Rep. Dave Paul (Paul was newly elected in 2018). They are locked in a close race with Bill Bruch leading the incumbent by 547 votes. A turn around from early figures which showed Bruch a bit behind.  Bill Bruch stated: “I am very encouraged by the primary election results so far, but we have a lot of work to do. We have a very strong and active campaign going with good leadership and we are expecting to win in November.”

10th District Senate Primary Results:

Sen. Ron Muzzall, R-10
Island County Commissioner Helen Price Johnson

Sen Ron Muzzall was appointed to fill the Senate position vacated by Sen. Barbara Bailey. He is facing Helen Price Johnson an Island County Commissioner whose term in office ends in December.   They will both move on to the General Election in November and Incumbent Ron Muzzall leads in the race by 597 votes at this writing.

10th District Representative Position 1 Primary Results.     

A wide field of Democrats challenged Republican Candidate Greg Gilday to replace much respected Rep. Norma Smith in Position 1. Under our Primary “top 2” system the two candidates that will be on the November ballot will be Republican Candidate Greg Gilday and Democrat Candidate Angie Homola.

Greg Gilday wants to take over for retiring Representative Norma Smith
Retired Island County Commissioner Angie Homola looks to serve in Olympia.

A wide Range of Democrats split the vote and so far in the count Greg Gilday has over 46% of the vote compared to Angie Homola; who has almost 27% of the vote.  With only about 8000 votes left to count its very likely that these two will be the candidates on the ballot in the fall.



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