Its The Last Weekend To Vote

The Lynden Tribune reports:

Satpal Sidhu to run in the new Foothills District this fall.  For those of you who missed it here is a copy of the Satpal Sidhu letter to a constituent:

“Dear Marlene Dawson,

I have been reading your emails about the local tribal treaties for past couple of years. Your passion comes through, however, I reflect on your work from a different perspective.  These are ‘your’ treaties (the word ‘your’ is used metaphorically for white, english speaking immigrants and so on…… Nothing personal!), ‘your’ laws,

‘your’ constitution, ‘your’ language, ‘your’ aggression, ‘your’ military, ‘your’killing machine, ‘your’ appointed Indian agents, ‘your’ creation of BIA, ‘your’ heads of BIA, ‘your’ interpretations in ‘your’ own words, ‘your’ record keeping  ‘your’ congress, ‘your’ presidents, ‘your’ cabinets, ‘your’ circuit courts, ‘your’ supreme court, ‘your’ appointed judges, ‘your’ implementation of decisions, ‘your’ own decision to compensate or not to compensate, ‘your’ decisions to provide or not to provide education, housing, clean water, ‘your’ decision to take their kids away from their parents, and I can count many more “‘yours”…

See the full text of the letter here…


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