Person in background spitting on Cop. No mask no COVID protection

Violent “protest” documented in Aftermath of January 22nd events by Police Body Cam…

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In what the Bellingham Herald calls an “occupied protest” the cleanup of the City Hall/Library Lawn camp did not proceed without incident from agitators and other costumed personages that looked like the Seattle antifa rioters; costumed and armed people doing nothing more to solve the homeless problem except trying to hurt cops.

Here is the Facebook post of an 11 minute body cam portion of the event that in the end serves very little purpose for our homeless population but continues to make the argument to increase funding for police.

Here is the body cam link…Click Here

Cost of State Patrol to serve as backup of Nov 22nd violence at the day of cleanup:

There were five arrests as a result of incidents all suspects have been released at this writing. Estimated to be $53,000.00 for the State Patrol; we are still waiting for the release of figures from The City of Bellingham and Whatcom County.  We also understand that the Border Patrol was involved in the process of removing residents from the dangerous areas around city hall and the Library.  Federal dollars were also expended.

Letter from WSP



Local reporter changes definition of events on Thursday Jan 28th from cleanup to “eviction”.

In a tweet dated on the 28th of January; the same day the video above showed 5 people being arrested; Reporter for McClatchy Robert Mittendorf tweeted out that the clean up was not a clean up but an “eviction, a forcible removal”.

Several Groups Deplore the Clean Up of downtown Bellingham

AND the removal of a population that in many cases have refused help with their addictions and circumstances and cause security and health problems where ever they camp.

This has been followed by reporting that over a dozen groups made up of  Whatcom Human Rights Task Force, the Whatcom Peace & Justice CenterCommunity to Community DevelopmentImagine No Kages, the Birchwood Food Desert FightersSunrise Bellingham, the Bellingham Unity Committee, the Whatcom Democratic Socialists of America, the Bellingham Deaf and Disability Justice CollectiveIndivisible Bellingham, the Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship Social & Environmental Justice Committee, and the Riveters Collective.

They refer to themselves as community organizations although at least three of them:”The Whatcom Democratic Socialist of America; The Riveters Collective; and Indivisible Bellingham” have heavy connections to politics and in some cases appear on the Public Disclosure Commission as donors to Democratic Party causes.

You may remember that the Socialist were the subject of a Fourth Corner article here as they held a “protest” in the yard of the Bellingham Mayor. Mayor Seth Fleetwood’s home faces planned protest on Sep 4th by Whatcom Socialist and Others… Local officials object to protest. Link Here.

Here is their statement:

“As a group of local grassroots community organizations concerned with justice and human rights, we come together to publicly condemn the openly militarized use of force displayed in sweeping the encampment at 210 Lottie St. on Thursday, Jan. 28th,”.  “We call on the Mayor to reverse the course of escalating violence and intimidation and immediately cancel the sweep of the encampment at Geri Fields that is scheduled to take place on or before Friday, Feb. 5.”

From the local Democrats

Although not present on the list of “community organizations” the Local Democrats also took umbrage with the use of force with the following statement on their website… Mostly complaining about the presence of Border patrol…

“Yesterday’s sweep at the City Hall homeless encampment raises disturbing questions and doesn’t address the underlying problem. It merely pushes it elsewhere, out of sight and out of mind of our elected leaders.

We are deeply concerned about a series of decisions made by the mayor:

  • No notification to city council members about the planned early sweep.
  • The decision to include the U.S. Border Patrol.
  • Some police in military gear and camouflage, some without proper identification.
  • Lack of behavioral health support during the eviction. Some campers experienced trauma and loss of personal property.”

Read The rest of Democratic Party Statement here




  1. How very sad for Bellingham. How very unnecessary for all involved, especially Law enforcement, the homeless and the citizens of Bellingham. I found the Democratic response included that homeless camps are best resolved by social workers and advocates. Does this mean that the Democrats encourage people in these professions to take homeless into their homes, or allow them to camp on their lawns?


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