Got a question for a Gubernatorial candidate ?? Submit it to the Fourth Corner.  Please see rules and link at the bottom of this page.

CLICK HERE to see the Debate on TVW

The Fourth Corner and Common Threads Northwest are proud to bring the public a debate/forum between 4 Republican Candidates for Governor.

This Debate will be brought to you virtually and safely and will not have a live audience.  All Four Candidates listed will be present as will the moderators and social distancing guidelines will be followed.

This debate occurs 29 Days before ballots are mailed on July 18th for the August 4th Primary Election


Guidelines for Debate Points/Questions to be considered in the debate:

    1. It must be turned in by Sunday the 14th of June

    2. send the email to

    3. It must be able to be addressed to all four candidates not just one.

     4. It must be current and include one of the following general areas.

        a. Economics/COVID/small business etc.

        b. Leadership

        c. Agriculture.

        d. Education.

        e. Government/Regulatory Reform.

        f. Other.

    5. It must be clear concise(short); not a speech and not have to be explained or expanded.


  1. Article IV Section IV of the US Constitution guarantees a republican form of government to the states, yet Governor Inslee has been issuing regulations that affect life, liberty and property without specific legislative authorization. Evidently, he intends to continue governing in this manner for an indefinite period of time. Several lawsuits have been filed, including at least one in federal court, contesting these actions on constitutional grounds. How to you plan to address these issues both as a candidate and as governor?

  2. For the candidates…”how would you handle an occupation of any Washington city, like what has happened in Seattle?”

  3. This is a question for all the cadidates running for the gubernatorial position in 2020:
    Growing up under the Nazi Boot, in Europe, I have always feared a repeat of similar dictatorial powers. During the Covid 19 event, Gov. Inslee appears (to my understanding) to have usurped and overstepped both Federal and State constitutional powers allowed a State Governor. What would you have done in his place?


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