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Prosecutor refuses to followup on Prosecution of Lummi Nation organization that held raffles and gave away prizes for members to turn in their ballots…Former GOP Chair responds.

Former Republican Whatcom County Chair Kathy Kershner (who serves as County Council Person for the 4th District) blasts Prosecutor for his “obvious partisan response” to the allegations forwarded to the prosecutor by the County Auditor.



The Fourth Corner covered this story in depth here. Included are source videos and other data presented to make the case.

The State law that applied is here

The Conclusion by Chairman Kershner was :This appears to be a statewide coordinated scheme used by Tribes in all of Washington and the Western States to offer something of value for a person’s vote.  And it is clear the Lummi Nation was supporting the Democrat candidates in Whatcom County.:

Voter Harvesting by Lummi Nation with Biden campaign sign as central theme.

Here is one of the photos presented to confirm that the raffle was a partisan voter gathering scam for the democrats.

This and other data was sent to the County Prosecutor for action.

The prosecutor responded to the allegations presented by Ms Kershner with the following reasoning.

Here are excerpts from the Prosecutor’s response. The link to the full letter is here.

  • “There was not evidence that the reward was contingent on the vote being “for or against” any particular candidate or measure.”
  • “Based upon the evidence referred to our office, there is not sufficient evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a thing of value was exchanged for votes “for or against” a particular person or measure.”

And Finally their conclusion:

“The current status of the case is that the Whatcom County Prosecutor has declined to prosecute under the state law based upon the facts presented, and the case has been referred to the FBI to consider federal action.”

Here is the full letter from the Prosecutor…

Kathy Kershner

The former chair of the Republican Party followed up by making the case that partisanship could be the cause for not moving forward… “Prosecuting attorney Eric Richey, Democrat publicly endorsed and supported at least two Democrat candidates, Alicia Rule and Sharon Shewmake.  I witnessed his endorsement sent out on mailers and I heard his

Eric Richey Prosecutor

radio spots supporting them.  … Clearly he was working to help get them elected and now finds himself in a compromised position… READ THE REST HERE.


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