The lockdown bars several methods of collecting signatures

This is a referendum to repeal ESSD 5395. This is the Sex Ed bill swiftly

Rep. Luanne Van Werven, Republican -42

passed by the State Legislature to have mandatory sex education curriculum in K-12 school.  The Fourth Corner covered the passage and signing of the bill by the Governor here. As well as Rep Luanne VanWerven’s take on the process.

Now the parents for safe schools has thirty days or so to collect 139,000 valid signatures to put a referendum on the ballot to accept or reject what many think is a severe intrusion on family and local school districts rights concerning the education of children.

Jennifer Sefzik vying for 42nd District State Legislature Backs Referendum Signature Dirve

The normal way to get signatures has been to stand in front of stores, attend the several events in the state and to get signatures at in-person meetings and gatherings.  That can not apply in the Governor’s “emergency”.

So locally several churches have taken up the call and are having drive by signing of petitions for those that are willing and able to get out of their home to do things.

Here is a list of Whatcom County Church Parking lots and times petitions will be available to sign:

calendarpetitions copy


The Organization has been collecting emails to send out petitions which were finally approved last week.  Here are links:

Here are talking points to sign the petition. 

Here is the copy of the referendum.

Here is a link to get petitions…

And finally under a limited basis the Fourth Corner will do shut in runs… That means that someone will bring the petition to your home if you are shut in and can’t get to one of the above locations.  This is a true experiment and may not work out for you or the publisher of the fourth Corner.  The person will be masked and bring pens but will have to be within 6 feet of a person for the moment to get a signature.  If you are at all uncomfortable with this don’t do it but go to the “get petitions” link above and they will mail you a petition and will be glad to get just one signature on a valid petition.  If you want to use the fourth corner. Just email me at with your address and best time info.


  1. Thanks for finding ways to get this petition signed. E mailing friends elsewhere and maybe they can organize something similar.


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