Homeless, Drug addicted and those in need of Mental Health camped. With Courthouse in background

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Over 40 Comments on our petition; and most being thoughtful responses to a situation that many think good be prevented with better policies.

Here are several comments on the Homeless situation in Bellingham..

    1. “Enforce the laws on the books.  Stop allowing trashing of public lands.  The costs to cleanup after these camps could go to creating future winter shelters for those that refuse other in.place shelter.  Be wise and do the right thing. and quit wasting our tax dollars.”  Jac H.
    2. “Simply enforce the current laws we already have. We do not want to enable these people. We need to treat the sick and punish the criminals. Bellingham is becoming an attractive place for these squatters to flock to. We have a finite number of people in our community that need help and direction and we have a finite amount of resources to deal with .Our . problems. Let us work together.” Larry O.
    3. “The city and county leadership has failed. Instead of well thought out and reasoned action. we get .woke. platitudes. Our .leaders. have forgotten who works for who and who pays the bills.” Dave A
    4. “Tens of millions of people across the globe are homeless by no fault of their own. That.s why they are dying in deserts and crossing seas to get here. The squatters around town are usually .homeless. by choice. Many have mental illness and need treatment and compassion. but often they do not want to reside in environments requiring them to eschew drug and alcohol abuse.” Randy S
    5. “Please take care of those who need help and JAIL THOSE WHO are inciting the problem.” Elizabeth R.
    6. “We need to find a lawful way to get the mentally ill people into safe housing. It.s inhumane to let them live on the streets like we do. It is not being kind to let this continue. They obviously cannot take care of themselves and make good decisions. These ANFIFA thugs will further take advantage of them. Please rid this city of these thugs. This needs to nipped in the bud!” Anne C.
    7. “There is a lot of help available to people who would like to receive it. The Lighthouse Mission has openings. the last time I heard.  A politically motivated group has taken advantage of the situation and is using the homeless issue as a reason to create havoc.  The citizens of Whatcom county deserve a safe and healthy environment.” Leslie R
    8. Protest in Bham

      “Enough violence. enough victimizing of innocent people through violent protests.” Kathleen F.

    9. “Please do not let Bellingham become Portland or Seattle. If we wanted that we would be there instead of here. I do not feel safe anymore. especially in downtown Bellingham. Now it isn.t  safe around Lakeway and Civic Field anymore. What other parts of town are you going to let them take over. Stop letting Seattle send us their homeless. Whatcom County is NOT a dumping ground….it is our home.” Jan P.
    10. “Mayor Fleetwood. the Bellingham City Council. their leftist base. shirked their duties as
      Mayor Seth Fleetwood

      early as last summer by bending over backward to appease BLM and Antifa. The mayor spoke at rally.s advocating to defund the police. Those egregious and misguided efforts have culminated in what is now happening. I hope the Mayor and City Council members will be recalled.” Ralph M.  See that article in the Herald here.

    11. “Let.s study the successful homeless programs adopted by cities like Houston and Salt Lake City. and develop a coordinated and cooperative public.private partnership among our great public servants and the many good.hearted NGOs and citizens we are so fortunate to have. But let.s also put a humane stop to the lawless trespassing and violence that serves neither the public nor the truly needy.” Stephen T
    12. It is a disgrace that I feel uneasy bringing my grandkids to parts of Bellingham. I have lived in the County and worked in Bellingham for the better part of 23 years and have never felt unsafe but I do now. I used to shop the local stores and go to the library. or Civic Field. etc. and enjoyed downtown. But I don.t anymore. I am ashamed of the city leaders are cowards and leave citizens vulnerable. Teri J



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