It is still unknown which Legislative District Senate Candidate Seth Fleetwood resides in.

NEW Sept 1st: The residence that Seth Fleetwood now is registered to vote at… happens to be a home up for sale for 1.5 Million Dollars… owned by a Democratic donor who gave $100,000 to Democratic Candidates and causes last year alone!!  Does this seem odd to anyone? Let me know by return e-mail.


There have been concerns about Senate Candidate Seth Fleetwood’s frequent  changes in his voting address in the last five months. See below for some of the facts.  It will be important to ferret out these issues as the campaign progresses.


Seth Fleetwood Senate Candidate in the 42nd District. A list of his voting registration addresses since December 2013.

  • Fact: According to Whatcom County Auditor Records at the time, he moved his Voting Registration Address from Palm St in South Bellingham to 17th Street located in the 40th District on Dec. 4th 2013


  • Fact: According to Whatcom County Auditor Records at the time, he moved his voting Registration Address from 17th St in South Bellingham to 6999 Helweg Lane in the Blaine area in the 42nd District on April 29, 2014— The day he announced his run for the Senate in the 42nd Legislative District.  There is no evidence that he ever lived there.


  • Fact: According to Whatcom County Auditor Records at the time, he moved his Registration Address from 6999 Helweg Lane in the Blaine area to a home for sale for 1.5 million dollars at 1504 Irving Lane in the Fort Bellingham area of Whatcom County. He did this Registration Address Change on May 15th 2014 the day he filed for office; both the Blaine and North Bellingham addresses are in the 42nd Legislative District. There has been no evidence he has moved there.


  • Fact: A Diane Lookman is also registered to vote at the 1504 Irving Lane Address and one Michael Lookman is the owner of record at the home according to the Whatcom County Assessor Records but is not registered to vote there.

Is Seth Fleetwood just confused about where he wants to register to vote (generally people move to a place AND THEN change their registration)? Did he ever live at the Blaine Address?


Does anyone care that his registration process in the 42nd looks contrived and only politically motivated?


Write me back an e-mail if you have an opinion either way.


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