Signing of the bill immediately draws a response as groups file Ref 90 to place the issue before the people in November.


The following article is an excerpt of an interview done with Rep.

Rep. Luanne Van Werven, Republican 42nd District

Luanne Van Werven concerning The mandatory curriculum dictated by the state to all 295 school boards in the State of Washington.

Late in the session Democrats in Olympia pushed through Senate Bill 5395.  It is a state mandated sex education bill for all grades beginning in Kindergarten. Even with massive protest against the bill but it passed. It was signed by the Governor on March 27th.

The Story:

Rep Van Werven:

“Parents for Safe Schools” at have united to counter this extreme legislation.  They have filed a referendum to repeal 5895. If the referendum petitions get 129,811 valid signatures by June 10th; the voters will decide in November.

The Reasoning:

Conversations about sexual education should begin in the home and at an age when parents think it is appropriate.  Parents have a responsibility to protect their children from inappropriate, ideology-based course materials.

Having 5-year-olds being taught about male/female genitalia right before their nap time is probably not envisioned by most parents as the best use of Kindergarten class time.  But that is a K-3 instructional lesson in the only state-approved curriculum for that age level.

If the Motion Picture Association of America Rating system were to apply the 3R’s curriculum for the fourth grade lesson plan it would earn an R rating for adult themes.

Current law provides that any decisions of what to teach and at what age is decided locally by school boards.  SB5395 mandates a top-down approach where state bureaucrats decide curriculum local schools must teach. The new law eliminates a school district’s (and boards) option to NOT teach sex education to small children in lower grades

Many parents believe the state mandated curriculum is NOT age appropriate and it teaches too much too soon.  Proponents of the bill say parents can opt-out of the class; but that can lead to stigmatizing and ostracizing of students. Is that healthy education practice.

Take Action:

Parents and local school boards deserve to be heard! There is limited time to gather signatures. Join and order your petitions today!




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