Dems: New Taxes Reps: Improved Services (no tax increases)

State Senator claims Democrats pass massive budget increases and send the bill to the COVID/job effected Middle Class in the State of Washington.

In spite of almost 55 Billion in Federal Aid to State and local Budgets the Democrats in the State Senate pass massive spending increases financed mostly by brand new State Taxes.

Senator Ericksen 42nd Leg District Senator (R) Comments on the Democratic Party Budget passed by the State Senate:

Sen Doug Ericksen
“In their budget vote yesterday Democrats Said Yes to:
1. an income tax
2. massive new energy taxes
3. big property tax increases
4. huge growth in government
5. new cell phone taxes
6. more government regulations
7. more money for illegal aliens
Democrats rejected the GOP budget proposal to :
1. Reduce property taxes

2. Reduce taxes on creating manufacturing JOBS

Increased Taxes
3. Control spending and put government on a budget
4. Fund roads with existing taxes, not tax increases
5. Focus on putting Washington and Washingtonians first
Typical Democrat budget–raise taxes, pay off their special interests and big donors, talk about the rich and send the bill to middle class families.
And do not forget they are doing all of this under the cloak of covid darkness with a 8 foot wall around the Capitol and EXPANDING emergency powers for the governor.”  End Statement by Sen Ericksen

The following is a compilation of items that Democrats Voted down in the Budget Voting Process.  All of these proposals would include NO tax increase according to sources.

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Long time observer of State and Local Politics. Charlie was born and raised in Whatcom County Washington. Served in the US Air Force in the 70's and served for 12 years on the Meridian School Board (north of Bellingham Washington) and a stint on the County Charter Review Commission. Retired except for Blogging and enjoying life.


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