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Guest Reporter Sue Runyan: Opinion

Author Sue Runyan

I am a New Activist of sorts. I worked. I retired. I expected to read books and walk and grow old.  But there is still work to be done. I love my Country, warts and all.

Tribal Relationships – Assess the Need.

Reassessment of any budget, program, or department, whether personal, business or governmental, is needed and necessary. Tribal Relationships are an area for scrutinizing the need for reassessment, for adjustment or elimination of programs, especially the Indian Health Service (IHS).

The cover page photo (color added) is of the Indian Health
Service, Justification of Estimates for Appropriations
Committees from the Department of Health and Human Services,  Fiscal Year, 2021. Within this document, on pages 341 – 343, is a listing of Self-Governance Funded Compacts FY 2019. This table lists 130 Tribes in 26 States. Washington State has 17 Tribes listed which will receive $89 + million for just this category of Self-Governance Funded Compacts.  Link Here…



Of these 17 Washington State Tribes listed, 15 have casinos and the other 2 have accommodation Resorts, like cottages, RV and camping. These Tribes are rich! One of the 17 Tribes, Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe (JSK), is in Sequim, Clallam County and will get $1.9 + million of the $89 + million. In 2019, Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe had 545 total tribal members. They owned 274 properties, with a county appraised value of $35.4 + million, and paying $113, 648 in property tax.

Check out page 343 in the Document

Their businesses had gross revenues of $19 + million. Revenues came from the 7 Cedars Casino, Cedar Greens Cannabis Shop, Longhouse Market & Deli and Chevron Fueling Station,Cedars at Dungeness Golf Course, as well as the Jamestown Family Clinic in Sequim and other businesses not listed here. Recently, this Tribe opened their new 100 room 7 Cedars Hotel, located by their casino in Blyn. Another Clallam County Tribe, the Lower Elwah Klallam Tribe, is included as one of the 17 Washington Tribes in a Self-Goverance Funded Compact in the IHS document. This Tribe just announced the building of a 100 room hotel in Port Angeles, WA, with construction beginning in the summer of 2021. Why are we giving these Tribes money? Whatever the reason, the time to stop is long gone! Any past need for Tribal financial assistance, medical or otherwise, no longer exists with these 17 Washington State Tribes listed in the Self-Governance Funded Compacts of the IHS program. My assessment of the need calls for an immediate termination of “special relationships” with Tribes that no longer need financial assistance.

Link to page here…

Make it happen Congress., 2020…







  1. Poor Becky…everyone and anyone who tramples on her sensitives just has to be a “racist”. What she and others who play with a 52 card deck, all of which are race cards, don’t understand is the irrecoverable damage they have done to the term. Because today to argue every one of their grievances she and others like her have let it become their default slur. And thus, the word has zero meaning in our society anymore. When used, it is tantamount to “crying wolf” over and over. And so it automatically becomes a nonstarter. Nice work Becky.

  2. So you have Horsted me. You might spend some time assessing yourself and what you put out in the community and world. Spewing the vile charge of racist because you don’t agree with a person only proves your intolerance. To be rude and uncivil to others does not raise you in their eyes. Is this how you want to be remembered.

    It is obvious that you are angry, and I am deeply sorry for whatever created that in your life. But, it was not me. I truly hope you find peace within.

  3. This article, the thoughts presented, and the author, disgust me. This is blatantly racist and despicable. White Europeans and the United States government have committed some of the most despicable atrocities in the history of human civilization against Indigenous Peoples. Do some research, read a book, and have some empathy. Pathetic.

  4. This is the most racist, absurd, and ethno-disgusting garbage I have every read. After all the research Sue Runyan and her Save Our Sequim NIMBY group has claimed to do this past year in our little old town of Sequim WA while attacking a tribal government for getting an award for a comprehensive MAT clinic, you would think facts would rub off at some point! “Assessment for the need?” Are you kidding me? This is a federal obligation that we have to these tribal governments. This is not a hand out issue. Non natives get to live here because of an agreement to make room. These agreements came in the form of treaties. These were promises and are in the very fabric of our country and constitution. This opinion is racist banter! And now I know!


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