15 Democrat Senators wanted a review in hopes the ban on imposing Income Tax would be lifted.


In a decision passed down yesterday April 2, 2020 the State Supreme Court declined to look at a Court of Appeals decision on the Seattle Income Tax Case.  The lower court found the Seattle Income Tax Ordinance unconstitutional.  So that is what stands:

Washington State Supreme Court:

Here is the order:

More Information:

This turned down the wishes of the Fifteen Democrat legislators who wanted a review in hope the Court would overturn the ban on implementing a Washington State Income Tax System; and they signed an amicus brief asking the Supreme Court to review the decision.

More on the background and the decision in this Washington Policy Center’s story.


  1. I am concerned that our legislatures think they are our rulers. I am of the conviction that our legislatures do not know the Washington state constitution.
    I want to know if “We the Governed” can sue our State Government for performance of their duties. I heard about a suit called “declarative and injunctive”. The Judge would declare the infraction and assign injunctive rules to be followed.
    Do you know if this is a valid response we the People can take against legislatures that want to impose their will on the citizens?

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