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An Editorial Opinion:

Letter from County Executive brings some thoughts from the Fourth Corner Editor.


County Executive Satpal Singh Sidhu

Using letterhead denoting that he is speaking for Whatcom County as a County Executive SatPal Sidhu publishes a letter that salutes the two Congress People in Washington that voted for the single article of Impeachment of Donald Trump.

For us here at the Fourth Corner it was an interesting letter and we thought we should share it with you and get your opinion.  At this point we could not find the letter on the Whatcom County Website or on Social Media only in public record e-mail to office holders in Whatcom County and the Congress people listed.  It seems to sources that the Fourth Corner spoke to; that this is a bit bias toward the Democrats way of thinking and is a bit out of the purvey of a County Executive to put forward without a resolution of some kind by the County Council.

Why does he continue to want to point out divisions in the body politic of Whatcom County.  The election is over and it was more than obvious that Joe Biden won the presidency in Whatcom County voting. The fact that members of Congress voted to take to trial a President who would not be in office when the trial began; is just a little weird.  The County Executive should realize that the Constitution worked and we hope he doesn’t write letters under the logo of Whatcom County to Sen Romney in Utah, for example, without at least a resolution from his County Council .  We hope his letters in the future will lead to bringing our community together by allowing non-partisan solutions to our several problems right here In The Fourth Corner.

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Letter of Thanks 02182021 to rep congress


  1. I’m puzzled as to why Sidhu is pursuing efforts to incourage division of the residents of Whatvom County? This is a repeated behavior that he has taken a back door. approach to expressed his hatred for conservitive Republicans. WHY ? It seems he has bigger aspiration than just being a lowley County Exec. because his bias action are clearly outside of his duties to Whatcom County residents.

  2. Yet again, Frederick Su has hit the nail on the head. Thank you for writing to the Fourth Corner, and representing so many of us who carry the same thoughts, but are not as articulate as yourself. Perhaps the Fourth Corner, who seems to always be looking for help with presenting them, should consider putting Mr. Su on their payroll.

    As a person who has supported these two WA State Honorable Representatives Beutler and Newhouse in the past, I can say without any reservation whatsoever that not only will they not be supported financially in any future election by me, but I will work hard trying to find people who will respect our Constitution, and vote accordingly. In my opinion socialism is just a kinder gentler word for communism. Be careful out there for what you are wishing for…

    In addition, it bothers me that the left is attempting to change how we vote in the future. These changes seem to make permanent the ability for the socialists to control our elections. I fear that we will become a one party country. In a true Republic free speech is important to all in spite of the lefts attempts to quiet our voices.

  3. I am in full agreement with Gordon Thomas and Frederick Su. For Sidhu to say it was honorable to try a former president, no longer in office, shows he didn’t applaud the law, not the constitution, nor freedom. Instead he applauded the attempt to dirty President Donald Trumps name. I feel like something is terribly wrong when laws can be bent and changed without any input from we the people.

  4. This guy is a prime example of what is wrong within Whatcom county government. Hates industry, hates republicans, hates white people. You think it might be time to consider what this jerk is promoting for Whatcom County? If allowed to continue he and his cohorts will make this county a very difficult place to live.

  5. Sidhu’s letter to our traitorous Republican Congresspeople made mention of “the laudable traits of hard work, truth, integrity, and love of this nation.” He represents himself as a proud Democrat. And, yet, it is the Left side of the Democrat party (Black Lives Matter and Antifa) that hates America and wants to transform us into a third-world country devoid of our Constitution. Leftists want to disavow hard work with reparations for blacks, a guaranteed income (for not working; remember Andrew Yang?). And there is certainly a lack of truth and integrity with the likes of Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi. I would throw in Chuck Schumer and Andrew Cuomo in there too. And the Constitution? It is the Democrats who wish to ban “assault weapons.” Jeez, doesn’t that violate the Constitution, especially the 2nd Amendment? Or, can not Democrats understand the words “. . . the Right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”? That phrase seems pretty clear to me. In my mind, Democrats pushing gun confiscation are foolishly traveling down a dangerous road. Trump believed in the Constitution. He was not weak, as Biden will be, with our antagonists and our enemies. We conservatives believe in the Constitution (original intent), Blue Lives Matter, Secure Borders, Law & Order, Strong National Defense, and Capitalism. What do you liberals believe in? You believe the false narratives put out by the mainstream media, who are no longer objective, but are only propaganda arms of the Democrat party. Don’t lecture us conservatives about love for America unless you fully understand and embrace the Constitution and capitalism (true, hard work and vision). Molon Labe.


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