A “Western Washington University Advocates E-mail” mentions the manning of a Registration/Voting place at the Viking Union as part of in person registration at the College AND partnering with the County elections department to do so.  See the article here.

“Voter Engagement Center at WWU: The Associated Students of WWU and the Whatcom County Auditor’s Office have joined together to provide voting resources from 8am-8pm on November 3rd in the Viking Union. Here you can access same-day voter registration and print your ballots all in one stop!  The Center is free and open to the public.”  Complete Document here.  

If you need to register and vote here is only second place to do so in Whatcom County.

The e-mail also goes on to advocate for not cutting back the “investments” for Western.

“While the September revenue forecast was an improvement from the last forecast in June, current projections show state revenues are $4.4 billion below previous projections through mid-2023. That means higher education investments remain at risk of being significantly cut back at a time when Washingtonians need those investments the most.”

Is this using government officials (election department); government facilities (Viking Union) for the lobbying of more funding for a government institution?   While supplying people waiting in line the means and ballot to vote? (You Decide)




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