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I worked. I retired. I expected to read books, go for walks and grow old.  I am succeeding at the last.  But there is still work to be done. I love my Country.


 Marxist Donkeys Are Indefensibly Indivisibles.

It is easy to see how Marxist Subversion works in the little town of Sequim.  Sequim has a council-manager form of government.  The council sets the policy and the City Manager implements that policy.  Before becoming Interim City Manager, Charisse Deschenes was appointed lead on implementing a program called Government Alliance on Race and Equity (GARE).   At first glance, you might think this is a government program; it is not.  It is a program to use in re-training government people, like city councils.  The following quote is from an article on, a local online news site, “As a result of staff committee meetings and that they “really liked” his type of program, it appears that the City of Sequim is now a member of GARE, at an initial membership fee of $1,000.00.  This has not been discussed by the city council at any of the public meetings, so one wonders how joining this organization was authorized.”  To be clear, this was paid for by the City of Sequim without City Council discussion/approval or public knowledge.  

Another quote from the same article, “In reviewing documents attached to previous city council agendas, we learned that GARE is actually spearheading and guiding the “conversations” promoted as being done by “community members and city ‘volunteer’ staff”.  Go here to read the excellent article: Is national organization’s influence calling for ‘deep transformation’ the right direction for City of Sequim?  by Editor | Mar 30, 2021 | Local News, Sequim News & Views.  More information on GARE can be found at:

Seattle City Council Insight’s article, Internal Socialist Alternative documents show it runs Sawant’s office and controls her vote, On 01/07/2019, By Kevin Schofield,  provides a look at how Socialist Alternative has impacted this City Government.  The following quote is from this article, “SCC Insight has obtained a collection of internal documents from Socialist Alternative that were written over the past three years. Those documents provide a unique view into the organization’s internal — and sometimes acrimonious — debates on a wide range of topics, including Bernie Sanders, the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), the Democratic Party, Donald Trump, the Black Lives Matter movement, its own organizational structure, and Seattle politics. But they also reveal the extent to which Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant, a leading member of the organization, has handed over her Council responsibilities to Socialist Alternative – including how to vote on items before the Council, and even the hiring and firing of government employees working in her office in City Hall. Beyond the fact that she has never disclosed to her constituents in District 3 that she has ceded these duties to Socialist Alternative, having done so likely violates several provisions of the city’s Ethics Code for government officials.”  Ms. Swant’s current term ends in 2023.  To read this article, go here:  Socialist Alternative is defined by Wikipedia, “Socialist Alternative (SA) is a Trotskyist political party in the United States. It describes itself as a Marxist organization,[1] a revolutionary party fighting for a socialist world, and says that capitalism cannot be made to work for the working class.”  To learn more about Social Alternative, go to:

These two examples are close to home for those of us who live in Western Washington.  So, you ask, what does this have to do with the April 13, 2021, screenshot from the facebook page of  Indivisible Port Angeles?  This screenshot has the announcement of an April 13 program about “Organizing in Red and Rural Districts.”  National Indivisible, in 2019, launched a Rural Caucus for rural counties all over the United States.  This is to facilitate ideas and support “organizers” on how to organize spread- out, large areas.  There were 35 states and 200 unique zip codes participating in “#RaucousRuralCalls.”   This program for progressive change is now front and center in Clallam County, one of 30 rural counties in Washington State.  This organizing is simply Marxist subversion of our Country, aimed very pointedly at more conservative areas, like Clallam, like Sequim.

Make no mistake, Marxists Indivisibles want to change the perception of reality and destabilize our local governments and committees.  They have been professionally trained to submerge themselves into every nook and cranny of our governing bodies.  Have you seen that old movie, The Blob?   There is no area too small for them to invade.  They are our neighbors, the people who may have your house key, the person you would call on to help you.  They want to destroy your way of life.  Although called Indivisible, they are divisible.  What I mean is that if you put thumb screws to one, all of them will not scream.  

What can we do?  We need not be afraid of hurting our democratic neighbors feelings by speaking to them about this destruction.  After all,  they are the ones allowing this to happen in our neighborhoods, our towns, our local governments, our local committees, etc.  There will be some who are not Marxists, but they do not understand what they vote for when they vote for any democrat.  Be brave.  Be vocal.  

Get focused.  Educate yourself.  Get active by engaging these groups or people by identifying them for what they are, the malignant destroyers of our country, destroyers of the American Dream.  Letters, emails, phone calls, social media posts are all good outlets for your activism.  Form small groups within your personal circle to determine the area(s) on which you want to focus.  Get busy immediately.  Don’t wait for someone to tell you what to do.  Two good conservative activist sites are Act for America and Stop Corporate Tyranny.  You can find them here:,  President Donald Trump has started a SaveAmerica PAC if you have extra money to donate.  

S. Runyan April 2021

On the search for web information on Marxist organizations in Clallam County, WA, I found many sites led to other sites.  It was like a spider’s web.  I have not culled the sites as to subject, location or date; they are listed as they came up during my search.  There are notes beside some of the web addresses.  I am sure there are many more organizations. These groups commonly morph into a different name hoping you will think it a different group.   If you know of an organization which you think ought to be included, come back to this article and make a comment.

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  1. Hi Bob,

    It is utterly impossible to be a Democrat and a Libertarian. They are diametrically opposed. Libertarians believe there is way too much government in our lives. Democrats believe that more government is the answer to all things. Personally, I believe that is because Libertarians have learned the lesson of making good choices and decisions, based on their own thought processes. Apparently, from what I have been hearing, and you are certainly a good example, most democrats need someone to lead them. They must be told what to do and say.

    You say you don’t share the social values of the Republicans. That means, to me, that you believe it is okay for biologically born males, who decide they are transgender women, to shower in female shower rooms, share in female locker rooms, toilet rooms, dorm rooms. And you believe these so called “transgender women” have the right to compete in women’s sports, win all the awards, get all the cash prizes. Did you not have a mother? A sister? A girl child? A female wife? A female Grandmother. Where is your respect and support for these biologically born women? You shame yourself to allow an absurd ideology trump the most common of common senses. You profess a commitment to women’s rights while dismissing their genuine successes.

    With regard to your past belief’s in the Republican values of economy and fiscal restraint, I take that to mean that you do not believe or want America First Jobs, Salaries, education, financial prosperity allowing more people to realize their American Dream. Who do you want to be first? How does China First, or Russia First sound to you, Bob. You again embarrass yourself.

    With regard to the 1/3 of Republicans who supposedly will not be vaccinated, are you assuming they will die or is that what you really want? When did you get to make the call on the decisions other people chose to make in their life. I suspect there are a large number of Democrats who are also not getting vaccinated. Or are you simply saying that all Democrats have gotten their orders and every single last sheep-like Democrat will be vaccinated, or else?

    Marxist, Bob, that is what you are. If in fact you are not a Marxist, you ought to stop voting for any Democrat. But you won’t walk it back, because you are saying “Look At Me, the big person being sort of nice to these poor misguided Conservatives. You are wanting people to look up to you, but we see you for what you are, Marxist Bob. Sue.

  2. On your next survey, please ask the Question: “Do you believe in QAnon and how it says that high level elected Democrat officials and other elite are involved in a pedophile ring?”” That simple, not wilder things like drinking children’s blood.

    I think the percentages will be elucidating and perhaps shocking. I would not be surprised to see the number approaching 50%.

    As I have said before, I am both a Democrat and a card-carrying Libertarian. That means I share (not on the social side) a lot of what use to be Republican values on the economic and financial front. To see the party of my parents descend into a cult that believes all sorts of bullshit such as the election was stolen, and in your survey that there was significant election fraud in our state. Charlie, I have always respected you but it appears that you have followed the Party down this self destructive path which is destroying America. You are a leader. I hope that you will lead the Republican Party back to the past when it was principled and not one that is attack, attack, attack with hyperbole and ones that embrace conspiracy theories of the type that once were espoused by only the severely mentally ill. Meant to be helpful, but judging from last time, I expect you to unthankful. Sad that 1/3 of your respondents will not be vaccinated. I don’t want Republicans to die. Would love to meet you for a drink sometime to discuss things amiably. Cheers,


    • Bob I am severely disappointed in you… Your back handed compliments do not detract from the fact that you haven’t got a clue on where I stand on fraud and to make the assumption you do… is really unlike any real libertarian I know. More like leftist democrats; not based on anything I have written or said. I do appreciate you want to ingratiate yourself into this debate as something you have represented yourself to be; but being disingenuous in that way does not help the debate on what a large minority believe. If you were who you say you were you would try to lead the fight to what you call principled… again it gets harder and harder to not see you as a hard leftist Propogandist rattling off the left’s agenda. I hope you have not gone there but am beginning to fear your mind has become incapable of leading in a non-partisan manner. Coffee (tea) would be fine you buy and I will listen as I still have a lot to learn from my left-leaning libertarians here in the Fourth Corner and beyond.
      Editor at the Fourth Corner


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